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  1. Only one of my computers is used in coordination with the Slackware machine. I do not use SCP and SFTP - or even have before. I checked /var/log/messages as well as /var/log/secure to ensure there were no other logs or iptables logs that indicate an issue. "Local remote" transfer is confusing and not exactly accurate as it's pretty much an oxymoron, sorry. "Local" as in Local Area Connection/LAN, from another machine on the network over FTP. It's used the same as you would connect from a remote machine to a server, but over LAN because it's gigabit and so much faster. Below, the re
  2. I have recently replaced Slackware Linux 10.1 with 13.1 and I am experiencing a local remote networking issue over FTP. When I am transfering data over a local route, whether it is to or from the server, the connection stops - all data transfer drops to 0.0k/sec, and even SSH locks out remote access when this occurs. I can still use the local machine in all its functions, but I cannot reconnect via FTP or SSH until I reboot the server. I have tried to find a reason why this is occuring and I cannot. Transfer speeds are relatively healthy - 50-65 megabytes per second writing to the serve
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