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    Encrypting SMTP

    Hi all, I only have a basic understanding of what I have and what I want, so I hope I can provide enough info. We have a Linux Server (Dell T610) running RHLE 4. For the most part, our software vendor requires this type of server for their software. They also provide some basic support & 90% of the time they are the ones who touch the server, because I nor anyone else in our building know anything more than some elementary Linux. Anyway, they setup a SMTP mail server using one of my google accounts that basically just sends mail with an attachment. Pretty handy. We're currently trying to get a module they offer that sends letters to our customers via email instead of snail mail (which is very expensive when you muliply the price of a stamp by 3k-4k each day). The problem is the attachment is just a plain text file. Obviously, this a major security issue since most of what we deal with contains confidential/personal (SSN, DOB's, etc.) info. On to my point! We want those emails secured in some way & our vendor claims they cannot provide this feature. Is there something I can add to our server (or have the software vendor add probably haha) that will encrypt messages being sent from the SMTP mailer? I would also settle for a similar service that is already provided by an online vendor such as Zixmail for example, however in-house would be first preference) Thanks Rocky
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