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  1. Well theres another one coming in now Gonna install and get to grips with Gentoo so im sure ill be getting on your nerves soon
  2. Thanks for the tips guys Very handy indeed.
  3. Linux Noob Rulez Just like Anywebs Mercedes
  4. Rik

    screenshot !

    Lovely Merc Has it got an engine?
  5. Rik

    Mailing list

    tbh I wouldnt use it....... I find the irc room is fantastic tho, folks are always very helpful Yes im looking at you Anyweb & Enigma ....... Any problems I have get resolved there cos its absolutely heaving with clever folk
  6. I have installed ATIs drivers with Fedora Core 2 and my Radeon 9700 Pro and it works fine. 3D hardware acceleration works a treat. I will write a "How to" this week
  7. Rik

    Hello from UK ;-)

    Just thought I would say hello ;-) A few of you will have spoke to me already in IRC, yes thats me asking all the questions lol Well thats what you are all here for isnt it Rik
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