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  1. http://text.mirror.ac.uk/mirror/sunsite.ui...l/iso/10.1/i586 the compaq deskpro i use, the cd drive, will read the disksi burn, but it wont boot off it, unless im creating the disk wrong. i download all three disks, and i just dont know why it cant open it. i know i can boot of disks, it did that when i installed windows 98. the spec of the compaq is as follows, 1999 model deskpro. p3 450mhz 128mb ram 40gb hdd thanks SMDR I have now sorted it, it was how i was creating the cd
  2. I have just downloaded the above, burn it to disk, created a floppy boot disk for the cdrom, and then press ok, from then it says 'Could not open compressed ramdisk file (/sysroot/tmp/image/install/stage2/mdkinst_stage2.bz2).' i dont understand why or how to bypass or fix? i would appreciate any help
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