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  1. If you FSCK on a mounted file system BAD THINGS can happen.
  2. Aww LVM I have a good deal of experiance dealing with LVM in Solaris. I'd like to mount different File systems on two different drives, say /home on one drive and everything else on another. Or set up a software raid without having to re-install my OS.
  3. IMO Go with CentOS for a free server. Much better supported by VMware. No real idea on your issue. What is the hardware this is running on? Also I HIGHLY recommend 5.0.0 U1 Fixed a lot of issues with Machine Check Error purple screens. Edit: Under ESX for the VM system options what type od bios are you running I know to run windows server 2012 it needs to be efi
  4. SOOOO I downloaded Ubuntu 12.10 to test the system on a live CD and FELL IN LOVE. Ill never know why Mint only recognized one core becuas I just simply installed Ubuntu. I know it's just a RC but it is sexy, elegant and fast! It didnt freak out with my new Nvidia video card either. Now to configure conky all over again.
  5. I notice a bit of overhead for ram in my systems. reports 15.6 g of 16... though you are reporting nearly 25%
  6. I will run those commands when I get home. It's odd that it was working. I just cantimagine that all of a sudden 5 cores went bad on my CPU but it still funtions. Like I said I'll try another OS and see how many cores it recognizes.
  7. Linux mint 13 "Mate" I have an AMD 6 core CPU but in system monitor it only reports as 1 cpu. It is also heavily loaded at all times over 15 percent at a minimum, before it would show each core and on an idle system It would be odd to see a core jump over 5 percent. So it seems like the system is running on only one core. I have also tried a fresh install. What are some steps I should take before I go to another distro to see if the problem persist and start wonder if my CPU/Sysboard has gone bad. output from uname -a Linux mint 3.2.0-23-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Tue Apr 10 20:39:
  8. I dont have the machine in front of me. But I think it uses Grub 2. I will try loading the windows installation than running the Mint install and tell it to install along side windows on the second SSD. I dont want to raid them so one hard drive failure takes out both of my OS's UEFI bios seems to be more of a pita than it's worth.
  9. My system has two 60gig SSD's (among others) I would like to install windows on one and Mint 13 on the other. The windows install needs to be a dynamic disk. I would like the Linux drive to be the first drive in the boot order in the BIOS. (UFI bios in this case). Not sure how to acomplish this. i have mint installed and I installed windows on the second drive but I dont know how to get the linux bootloader see the windows drive. I have complete backups so if It is easier to blow away my installations I will do it. Windows will only get used for Labsim app I need for school and online banking
  10. You might try the Puppy linux distro's. They are super light and easy to live with.
  11. I am on the stock ati driver last time I tried to update the display freaked out. This was on mint 12. How do you roll back a drive in linux? Here is the error I just got now installing video drivers on the mint 13 machine: 2012-06-09 06:25:37,825 DEBUG: Instantiated Handler subclass __builtin__.NvidiaDriver173Updates from name NvidiaDriver173Updates 2012-06-09 06:25:37,826 DEBUG: nvidia.available: falling back to default 2012-06-09 06:25:37,852 DEBUG: XorgDriverHandler(nvidia_173_updates, nvidia-173-updates, None): Disabling as package video ABI xorg-video-abi-10 does not match X.org vide
  12. everytime I run compiz --replace it starts fine than just simply hangs. System remain responsive and I get no errors and I have let it sit for over an hour. This Machine has a six core amd cpu and 16 gigs of memery with an HD video card with 1 gig of memory so it certainly has the horse power. joe-desktop ~ # compiz --replace Backend : ini Integration : true Profile : default Adding plugins Initializing core options...done I have to ctrl+c to get my terminal session back.
  13. joe0121

    Oracle VM

    What version of Orcle VM are you running? Also is this your only machine? ESXI I think is a better all around VM choice if you have a second machine to manage it remotly. virtual box has some limitations when it comes to video.
  14. Looks like the onboard graphics on this machine just wont deal with it. Ahwell it purdy enough for me anyways.
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