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  1. I am attempting to make my linux server into a wireless access point/router. Anyone have any idea if there are SoftAP drivers for linux? Thanks ~City
  2. Nice font man!!! What font is that?
  3. Anyweb, Very cool man!!! Thanks alot for this post!!
  4. Hmm can this post be copied into Samba also?? Make it easier for us noobs to find! Thx ~City
  5. CityofAsh

    Install Eterm

    Yeah Eterm is definetly the shizznit!!!!! Kicks azz on fluxbox!
  6. I installed fluxbox here and it runs fine but i cannot lead the fluxmenu. Anyway i can fix this? I click on it and the GUI does not load.
  7. Yeah i wish the dog would have fit in the toilet. hahahha
  8. im a n00b and this forum doesnt tell me how not to be hahahhahahah fruck off
  9. You guys should make a sticky of what to do when your a pure N00b. Like how to start the commands to start. I log into this forum and i see all this stuff but it doesnt tell me basic commands or what stuff does. How to start basically. How the hell do i know what to look for being a new linux user. like how do i find stuff to install. How do i install it. What do i need for the basics. Stop just helping experianced people and make it more for real N00bs. thats what this boad is supposed to be about i thought. Suggestions Thx ~City <replaced some words with 'stuff', see board g
  10. Shit i havent logged in here in a long ass time but thank god im not DELusrd andyway. Heres some Pix i have from the past few months. BeerMyselfHeadbangin (attatched) There ya go.... Hhahaha enjoyed thx to EnIgMa for being a long time friend thru it all..
  11. Thanks alot guys i tried all of that allready but now it seems that my OS has died. So it most likely was just a software problem. I dont know why it just died but it was booting slow then i couldnt get any gui's to run. Now when i boot it just says system boot failure please insert boot disk. So maybe the drive failed.
  12. Haha thats pretty cool. Im going to share it with my coworkers Thanks!
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