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  1. xDamox


    Ahhh OK, it just seems strange that every single post of his has disappeared.... Did he not leave on good terms?
  2. xDamox


    Hello All, What happened to znx? I haven't seen him on the forum for a while?
  3. Hello, From the screen shot it looks like you don't have the kernel headers install. If you are using Fedora you can issue the following command. yum install kernel-devel
  4. Hello, It was more likely you needed to reboot your X server, you could of just hit Ctrl + Alt + Backspace
  5. Hello, Issuing the mount command on its own shows all mounted partitions and where they are mounted at.
  6. xDamox

    Postfix bouncing

    Hello magikman, I found the problem, the mydestination directive was declared twice.. It was sneakily placed at the bottom of the main.cf file.
  7. xDamox

    Postfix bouncing

    Hello, I have recently tried to setup a Postfix machine but every time I try and send an email to the server it bounces: Feb 18 21:48:09 linux-m899 postfix/pickup[5303]: B924D241BD: uid=1000 from=<damian> Feb 18 21:48:09 linux-m899 postfix/cleanup[6453]: B924D241BD: message-id=<20080218214809.B924D241BD@linux-m899.site> Feb 18 21:48:09 linux-m899 postfix/qmgr[5304]: B924D241BD: from=<damian@linux-m899.site>, size=415, nrcpt=1 (queue active) Feb 18 21:48:09 linux-m899 postfix/smtp[6455]: B924D241BD: to=<root@linux-noob.com>, relay=none, delay=0, status=bounced
  8. Hello, Syslog-ng supports a directive called program() which execute a program when a message is received. http://www.balabit.com/dl/html/syslog-ng-a...ination_program
  9. Hello, Have you tried using the YaST software management tool? You can also do: rpm -qa | grep -i openoffice And when you get the returned results use the RPM command to remove the package rpm -e package_name.rpm
  10. Ahhh poo, sorry znx I didn't try yours Sorry.
  11. What ever happened to this application? Is it getting release?
  12. I updated the command elinks --dump www.whatismyip.com | grep -i "Your IP Is" | awk '{ print $4 }'
  13. Hello, You can download the NTFS driver that allows you to write the the NTFS file system. http://www.linux-ntfs.org/doku.php
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