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  1. FTP over SSL is not supported very well in Linux at all. Clients are almost non-existant
  2. anyway to make it alway boot the usb? would be nice that all /me beats znx Yes it's possible to make Knoppix boot off a usb stick. It isn't easy though.
  3. bah edit the original post lazybones Which post .. ? [znx]
  4. what does java-package do that extracting the plugin directly doesn't do? java-package creates a .deb
  5. This guide is WRONG. You are not supposed to extract the plugin directly. You are supposed to use java-package. For further reference, see http://www.debian-administration.org/?article=142
  6. Personally I say Ubuntu. It's a user friendly version of debian that comes on one cd. Nice, sleek, and small. Link -> http://www.ubuntulinux.net/ Debian is NOT a newbie oriented distribution. It is designed for flexibility and power. Ease of use only comes if you are an experienced Linux user.
  7. During the fall I'm going to write a series of articles detailing on how you can succcessfully install / dual boot Debian GNU Linux 3.1 Sarge, and Windows XP Professional on a Centrino laptop. Stay tuned for more... Table of Contents: I. Prerequisites A. Hardware Requirements B. Software Requirements C. Time Required II. Installation of Windows XP Professional III. Post-Install Configuration of Windows XP Professional IV. Installation of Debian Sarge V. Post-Install Configuration of Debian Sarge VI. Final Thoughts VII. Appendix
  8. Speaking of invites, I have around 150 to get rid of.
  9. And since when did pdf prevent copying anyway? God knows how many *secure* pdfs I've cracked.
  10. How about a wiki style website?
  11. im gonna come over there and kick your ass... ... ... as soon as i can get my ass out from being a computer <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Like that will ever happen
  12. BAH znx you traitor! Debian all the way
  13. WARNING! A custom kernel compile is a very complicated procedure. Use this procedure only if there are no packages in the debian repository that can get your hardware/software configuration working for you. New users should read up on debian kernel compiles and kernel compiles in general before attempting this. This guide, its author(s), and/or contributors, are not responsible for any damage inflicted on your system by following these instructions. You compile and use a custom kernel at your own risk. The following instructions detail a compile of a 2.6.xx kernel using The Debian Way.
  14. If this is a laptop, it's time to clean your touchpad. I've had it happen when there's too much grease over the pad area (usually from a few days intensive typing). Don't ask my why it works, it just does. It goes back to normal once you clean the touchpad with a damp cloth.
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