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  1. I found the solution: iptables --table mangle --append OUTPUT --jump DSCP --set-dscp 0x0 iptables --table mangle --append PREROUTING --jump DSCP --set-dscp 0x0
  2. hi, may you read this? https://www.linux-noob.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1220 also here is some new post --- [q8knight@localhost q8knight]$ ftp ftp> open q8knight.net Connected to q8knight.net ( 220 ProFTPD 1.2.9 Server (ProFTPD) [mindanao.globat.com] Name (q8knight.net:q8knight): q8knight 421 Login Timeout (300 seconds): closing control connection. Login failed. No control connection for command: Permission denied ftp> --- but a user on #fedora (efnet) tried it and he got: --- [torn@localhost torn]$ ftp ftp> open Connected to 216
  3. hi, i am trying to access my unix shell account through ftp and ssh, but i couldn't. i am on FC2. and this what happens: ------------ [q8knight@localhost q8knight]$ ftp shell.reverse.net Connected to shell.reverse.net ( 220 c3p0.reverse.net FTP server (Version 6.00LS) ready. Name (shell.reverse.net:q8knight): cookies hello ?? ------------ it looks like the user login didn't complete. i don't why, i entered my username then press RETURN/ENTER and nothing happen and i can write whatever i want: ------------ Connected to shell.reverse.net ( 220 c3p0.revers
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