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  1. I feel like a bity of a fool. I have been playing around with the GUI (most of the stuff I do on my Fedora box is CLI work !!) and there is a setting in System -> Preferences -> Remote Desktop that allows people to connect to the current desktop using VNC. DOH!! I am also in the process of evaluating FreeNX as an alternative, apparently its faster than VNC over a ssh connection.
  2. Has anybody got this to work in Fedora Core 6. I have used this before and it worked great but now in FC6 I don't have a "modules" section in my xorg.conf file Any suiggestions ??? Thanks in advance, woppa
  3. Hi all, I hope somebody can help me out. I have an old dell Insprion 3500 laptop that is dual boot with W2K and Fedora Core 2. Thats not the problem, I know how to remove winblows.... In the laptop there is a Xircom PCMCIA 10/100 +56K ethernet / modem card. On boot up the computer tries to bring up Eth0 before it has started the PCMCIA services, and so fails. Its easy enough to sort out manually with a "service network restart" but a bit of a pain. Does anybody know how I change settings so that the PCMCIA starts before Eth0 ?? Thanks in advance, woppa
  4. I hope somebody can help clarify a point. When looking at a site such as rpmfind I often see a list of rpm's that are for different versions e.g FC2, FC3 etc etc etc. You often see a .src.rpm file as well which, correct me if I am wrong, is the source code, but in a rpm package. Does this mean that if I download this .src.rpm package and install that with... rpm -ivh whatever.src.rpm it will install OK ??? I hope somebody can clear this up in my foggy mind. Best wishes, David.
  5. This is the bees knees :-) I had been using VNC over a ssh connection from a windows machine for a while but even over my broadband connection (750/256) it was painfully slow. This has now brough it up to a speed where it is usefull, and when I get home at night I can still use the account using the :0 display. Thanks for this, its great.
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