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  1. Hey, Hopefully gonna be getting a new laptop soon.. ummm just wondering which network is the best for Linux? currently using FC3 but thinking of trying a couple of new things ? what can you recommend in a medium price range.. nothing to Expensive
  2. Cheers man .. i found out that there is no root password ... it just asks for one for somereason i just went into console. and typed SU then passwd and set one
  3. Hey , I have Fedora core 3 but i had problems getting the CD-Burner to configure .. the CD drive was recognised yet it did not config. So i looked around a couple more distros and was told Knoppix should work ok, So i downloaded the lastest 3.6 Live-Eval and installed using Sudo Knoppix-Installer. The installation was a complete success the CD-Burner works and the sound works without any drivers, unlike windows which didnt work with the sound on the laptop. Now i have a problem "Knoppix does not ask for any user details what so ever. Now when i went to install the flash plugin I need th
  4. Hey ... i need to uninstall linux from my laptop not bothered if i have to format it all of my work is backed up im using FEDORA CORE 3 anyone got any ideas? need to get it off so i can put windows on for a couple of weeks got to get a few things done i will then bang it on dual boot... is it also possible for me to create a dual boot from linux?
  5. hey just installed fedora core 3 ... one problem my screen on me laptop is 1024 .. and the resolution it is on is 800x600 . i have gone in to resolution and screen settinngs but there is no option for 1024 im thinking it may let me is i select a monitor but i canrt lol cus im on a laptop .. can anyone help??? cheers Liam Harrison
  6. Thanks for that Anyweb, also i regret to say im on AOL for another 4 months the end is nigh LOL i have heard many people can not use aol or something on LINUX is there anyway i could do this. I downloaded Fedora core 3 just got to install it now looks amazing tho Thanks Harrison
  7. Hey , just wondering what firewall you recomend for firewall as im installing tomoz !! :YAY: Also as im am a Nooooob to Linux cud anyone tell me if there is any CD/DVD copying software available and how to get me hands on it. is there a version of firefox for linux and, lol im shore you must be sick of the ands by now i do appoligise . where do i go on dual boot ,? windows server 2003 and Fedora any help at all would be grate , sorry for boring you all thanks Harrison :D
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    Thanks , yes i hope so
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    Hello to everyone on here ? how are you all?? im a Nooob
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