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  1. no, dont see anything in xfce... but its not longer so important to me... i donwload ftpdroid and use filezilla now... its a little bit slow, but it works
  2. for many years if got Avast! Antivirus free and Spybot Search & Destroy for my security and the whole year if got just one Virus, and it was my one fault... i think, avast! is the best... also says diverent testers
  3. im first testet Ubuntu and Linux mint (and Android ) and from this two is Linux Mint (Debian Edition) my favorite... and, of course... the little Android
  4. im a noob and im liked to be a noob... im very 7331 in my noobism
  5. Salve for me personal, i dont like gnome (to big, and not a nice look) and personal i hate the Nautilus... special when i run it under xfce. But - the xfce cant found the MTP mountet Xperia S Flash. I try everything, install erveryting out of the "softwareverwaltung" (<- sorry, dont know the english word for, but, you know the tool to install and de-install software, libaries tools and so far) that have someting to do with MTP.. under Gnome: no Problem: the device is found - but under xfce - no way... and if i start Natutilus under xfce, the whole desktop will changet to a gnome Shell - and when i close it, dont change back to xfce - even a reboot dont help (i realy hate gnome) - so, are there any libarys or tools or something to show my Android Smartphone mountet on the xfce desktop? thanks lg noob.fl
  6. maybee for important things i will build a VR xp
  7. Done it now... if killed my windows (just missed the FL Studio 10 and Android rooting tools) and now just the mint running on my pc
  8. noob.fl

    Hi @ all

    thanks at all for your Welcome
  9. noob.fl means = noob for life its because in the most themes im interestet for, im an "advanced user", but not a professional... it goes from Music (i know how to made music with FL Studio ore something, but can not read notes or play any instrument), about computer (ask me about tweaking the windows, but never ask me about Networkconfigurations)... its in ervery part of my life thisway... so... im noob.fl
  10. hi im Installed my linux out from the windows with the wubi... and there the sice of the Installation partition is limitet to 30 gigs. is there any way to change the size of the dev/loop0 partition? thanks for any answer noob.fl
  11. noob.fl

    Hi @ all

    Salve as a noob that i am, im searching for a community for linux beginners so i found this forum and find it nice - so im here now. my interessting about linux startet since i startet with an android Smartphone and hate all the Bloat into the system and beginning with rooting and costumizing. then more and more im beginning to test some Distributions on mi Acer Notebook, but have a lot of problems with installation, Wireless connetions, mounting Harddrives and understand how to manage this things - but im not given up - and now found Linux Mint and it works - i also begann to understand the differences betwen a Linux Shell and a Dos and the installation Prozess. And now, i dont wona work with any other OS anymore... more and more im beginning to enjoy the possibiliys from Linux. So i hope i found here good inputs for use my linux. outside from computer neding (on a noob level ) im interesting about Music (also and most and more and more free Music) and politics (like the Pirate Party and left political ideas and hate rassist and every form of discrimination) and Philosophy (my favorite philosophers are Nietzsche, Adorno and Foucault, but i also like middle age philosophers and the ancient greek) so, thats a bit about me. And, if my english is a liitle bit foolish, its because im from switzerland and living in germany so thats it lg noob.fl
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