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  1. I left college in 1995, where I had been studying to be a Graphic Designer. My dad wanted the best for me and offered to get me my first computer. It was an Apple 2cx. I screwed it up almost immediately, and it never worked quite right. I was never able to use it for its true purpose, and, it was about as useful as a paperweight. Every once in awhile it'd boot up, give me hope and go back to useless. I got to the point where I just hated Mac. Every once in awhile, someone would give me an older Mac and it'd make me nuts. I'd keep this one Mac locked in the closet as a way of punishing it. I hated iPods; because, the interface resembled Mac too much. A friend gave me an Optiplex SX260 with a missing HD. He suggested that I make a Linux Pendrive. I started with Mint, then tried SUSE, then a few different Ubuntus led me to Xubuntu 10. I tried Xubuntu 11, but, the Optiplex freaked and crashed. I'm back with 10. Linux and I have a love/hate relationship; but, its far better than my Unix relationship, though I have a jailbroken iPhone. A few of my friends are IT guys that've given me just about all that they can give. Recently, one of them suggested that I use the repository to find a package that'll do what iTunes will do. I thought, crap, what's a repository again? So, I Googled it, and, I found this place. Bear with me, I want to do better.
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