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  1. ello again, i have linux installed and have a modem installed under a generic modem (i assume this is fine). what do i do next? i did the internet wizard and have a ppp0 connection to my ISP. It says it's activated but I don't see where to dial into at. remember i've never used linux before so if i went about anything wrong, please be paitent. thanks to anyone who decides to help me. (running linux redhat 9.0)
  2. my hardware est: -64mb RAM -A whopping 4 gig harddrive -333hz... if you need anything else just ask.... like i said...just trying to get aquainted wihout getting a new machine...are any other versions good for this machine?
  3. i'm a sexy black man.
  4. i am trying to make the switch from windows98 to linux. i have a new machine (dell w/ xp) and am trying to put an old one i have to good use. i don't know a lot (hardly anything) about linux but would like to get started. i'm not using my machine as an accesspoint or server but i'm using red hat 9.0. okay, enough background info; 1.) should i use redhat? 2.)if so, are there are good installation guides for complete rookies?
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