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  1. Dave, thanks for your help, the problem is resolved. The author of the package got in touch with me and gave me new source code. The software is for reconstructing pedigrees. I am using it for parentage analysis of sockeye salmon. I am using genotypes from this year and assigning them to parental pairs from fish caught 3-6 years ago. Details of the program can be found here.
  2. Hi Dave, There is a help forum associated with the software, but sadly there are only three posts within the forum and none are helpful. I posted here first because the last post on that forum was about a year ago. It does not appear that there is much in the way of community support for the software yet. It is possible that the author of the package might moderate the forum and could help. I will post a request for help there as well. Looking through the install file the only package that is mentioned that is required is autoconf, which I have installed. Thanks for responding so quickly.
  3. Hi, I recently started using linux (three days ago) so please excuse the potentially trivial problem that I can't seem to resolve. I am trying to compile a program called FRANz found here. I asked a few linux users at the university here and they can't seem to get the program compiled. I have also searched using the errors that pop up after running ./configure, and after installing a few packages that I apparently needed and am still at a loss. After running ./configure I get the error config.status: error: cannot find input file: `Makefile.in'. I recently updated the OS from Ubuntu to Mint 1
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