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  1. Im trying to install Kubuntu 12.04 onto a USB pendrive (8GB). All of the installs I do (Full and Live installs) never use more than 4gigs of the USB. Im formating the drive in Windows, as FAT32. How can I make the install use the whole USB drivespace
  2. Will running Linux provide any more anonymity online than Windows
  3. Nice, Ive seen those, theyre both great. I Also like http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5464925144369700635
  4. Its funny, the first thing I ran on a Linux set-up was the movie Revolution OS. I thought it was a little funny.
  5. Coolbeans! So far this place is great for info! I feel very welcome.
  6. Both of my friends Im considering for Kubuntu are really basic in theyre computer needs. "M" uses his AthlonXP for Surfing the Web, watching movies (DVD, Mpeg, AVIs and the like) and really simple gaming (Diablo2 & Unreal off the top of my head). He also uses it as a TV (his vid card is an ALL-IN-Wonder Radeon 9000). He is still using WinXP atm, but is looking for something a little better. I'll let you know more in a few days when I get to try it out,
  7. Thanks for the answers. Ive loaded up 2 16GB USB pendrives with Kubuntu 32-bit for a couple of friends. After testing out a few things, I think both will be happy. The first (we'll call her "B" for this) just wants 3 things. VLC, Foxfire and Vuze. She keeps telling me how much she hates Vista, so I think this will be perfect for her. Its my buddy "M" who Im not sure about. He is running an AthlonXP system from 99 with WinXP and DDR333 mem, AGP vid (Radeon9K) and he is the only person I know who still has a floppy drive. I think B's Vista Celeron (2G of ram) should be ok, but Im still not sure how M's AthlonXP will run it, only time will tell at this point.
  8. So after one year of Win7 use, I went looking at Linux again (I think it was 02 or 03 last time I thought about going that way). After doing alot of reading and forum swiming, I decided to go with the Kubuntu 12.04 64-bit and run it as a "live" OS (first I did a DVD-R then looked into the USB option). The lack of being able to "save" things in the live version turned out to be a small bummer, but I still loved how simple it was to run like that without having to change my harddrive. Let me just stop here for a second to say "High-five Linux community!" So far I love it here. 95% helpful forums. Anywho..........So I did more reading and found info for the "persistant" USB setup. After only a few days of running with it, Im hooked. It runs my Alienware M11X r1 really well. Like to a lvl that I did not expect. So Im here learning but I still have some big-time-noob questions. So here goes...... 1). When I look at the Memory settings, it says Swap File NA. Is that just because Im running off a USB? 2). Is there a Gamers Destro? I asked a programer friend that and all he said was "DirectX is evil!" An unclear answer. 3). Will Kubuntu12.04 (or anything like it) run on older computers? (specs below) P4 2.4Ghz, 512 RAMBUS (yes thats RAMBUS ram) or a AthlonXP2500+, 512 333Mhz DDR"1" both have ATI Radeon 9000 vid 4).Can a SD card with USB reader be used to setup in the same manner that the plain USB drive is? (as in a persistant USB boot) 5). I want to make some USB setups for a few friends (who really dont know computers like I do, got over 10 years in the industry). What would be the best Destro\flavor (KDE ima guess) for the Duh-where-do-I-click person? Ive tried a few games for this aswell. Altho most look like they were pulled off a Sega Saturn (OpenArena, TORCS and ChromiumB.S.U.), they played very smoothly. Everything else Ive tried has been top notch. WordProcessing, DVDburning, Media palyback, WebBrowsing are all nice to use. I run everything off an Alienware M11x R1 with 4G of ram. Ima also try it on an older (5years) Celeron laptop in the next week (the 32-bit ISO for that).
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