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  1. The model is KAV60 but it looks like its also called D250 later on. I decided to try and take a look at my wireless network when I boot into windows XP and I am having similar problems, so I either also dont have the drivers in Windows (which is possible because I don't know who did what before I got ahold of it) or the wireless card is bad or . I still havent had a chance to hook up a network cable and see if that works. And thanks for the help after looking at what the $sudo lshw command had to offer, I see that my aspire one has a SATA HDD, and is not the Acer Aspire one (SSD) that kuki was designed for. I dont know how much of a difference that makes, but I'm closer to the right track if I actually find out what hardware I'm using etc (duh) rather than just assume and jump the gun, but hey thats what noobs are for. You guys seem a lot nicer than in forums I have been to before, I appreciate it.
  2. I am new to linux. I started with running kuki linux from a live CD on an Acer Aspire one. It worked great for what I wanted,which is an OS with minimal apps on install that I can customize as I learn more about linux and surf the web. I chose kuki because its designed specifically for the Acer Aspire one and its SSD hd, and the wifi was said to work "out of the box" (with maybe a little tweaking), which knowing a tiny bit about linux I didnt expect anything to work out of the box. When I ran it live everything worked out of the box, so I installed it. After install the wifi doesn't work. Half the time it doesn't detect any networks, when it does I cannot connect to WPA secured connection (gets stuck on authorization), sometimes I can connect unsecured for a few minutes before it looses the signal, but it usually get stuck obtaining IP address. It looks like the kernel did not update after install, so I think I'm probly missing some drivers and maybe a bunch of other stuff, I'm really new to this so I don't know what I should have or where to look to see what is there and what is not, I hope someone knows what I mean. I looked thru other forums, this seems to be a common problem for kuki and ubuntu on the acer aspire one, I tried the solutions and they didnt work, but I think those solutions assume you have a LAN connection or something which right now I dont. some of the solutions I came accross: Putting wireless drivers on a cd and then installing them, I cant figure out how, the "make" commands on the tutorial seem to not work. Someone said to reinstall WICD network manager, I can't figure out how to "reinstall". I tried making an ad hoc connection to another laptop, would not detect. I tried updating on the sketchy unsecured connection but the signal was too weak and it couldnt complete. Does it seem like my issue could be the update? how do I update the kuki kernel with no internet connection? How do I narrow down the problem so I at least know what is not causing it? Thank you in advance to anyone who helps. If there are answers for me elsewhere on the forum, I apologize for missing them and starting a new topic, please point me to them. I tried to be detailed without writing a novel, I tried linux long ago and got flamed for both, lol. In the meantime I will try and find a wired connection to borrow and see if maybe my wifi card is bad or something. Thanks again.
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