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  1. first of all, make sure you're running the yum command as root. that should take care of your problems ....
  2. let's just hope not too many people fell victim to that ....
  3. yeah, I always hate remote reboot/upgrades, seems like stuff always messes up but I don't have very good luck ....
  4. or MAYBE .... people don't come here looking for help because things just work?
  5. you might also looking into setting up monowall/smoothwall something along those lines .... I just set one of those up at my house so when I was uploading stuff my little brother's cs ping wouldn't take such a hit, haven't heard him complain for a few days now!
  6. it really makes me smile to see the small number of gentoo posts. I guess gentoo users know how to use google!!
  7. shouldn't be too tough .... I'm sure all the stuff on A has addresses assigned statically, so you could just run your dsl modem into the switch that they're plugged into then run your cable to computer B. Shouldn't have any problems with it picking up inet connection from A: because it will be assigned a different gateway. Then what you'll want to do is add an alias the the nic with an ip in that same class as the computers in A. If you have any more questions, I'm pretty sure you know where you can get ahold of me ... late.
  8. deraj


    grrr it's still windows. I'm curious as to how much info it has in your pagefile that's been there for 137 days.
  9. wute! 1000 users on a home broadband connection ... IMPRESSIVE
  10. deraj

    My work

    not exactly sure what's in that Sun rack, but I'm guessing that's big $$$ right there. I would post pictures of where I keep all of my servers, but you guys have already put me to shame ...
  11. personally, I think slackware is lame. If you want something that bare bones, you should go for one of the BSD's. The package management there isn't terrible like Slack's ....
  12. ahhh you're just a hater because gentoo > redhat
  13. http://taiyed.gngsta.com/ now that's an uptime! wute!
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