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  1. I have emachine with mediacenter(scratch xp) t5216 I believe ram 512; HD 160 not sure about the video or sound card. Is ubuntu right for my machine or puppy? I tried scientific linux and I went back to ubuntu juanty jakalope unsupported, crazy I know but, I am writing this post with it guess it still has a little uses (stupid updates that don't update) oh well.Help please!!!
  2. I like ubuntu but,would like to venture out there to see what bst fits my pc,I like this poll. This forums seems quite different then other forums. I really thought this a blog the fist time I seen it, it very non-intimidating. I like that, two thunbs up!!
  3. finding light distro!!!

  4. Yes I think most of which you spoke are good distro although I have only tried one ubuntu cause, fedora 8 was a pane. I thik they should tell when you get a distro in the Welcome to Fedora part how long it is supported and how to get the plugins codecs most importantly a detailed and catagorized terminal tutorial document that comes standard in my opinion. I went a year with out internet so traveing back and forth from public pc's with my flash drive hoping the stuff I downloaded would fix what was needed. This my freind not what I consider research but, it felt like a job. With all that said I still like linux but, if do not find a distro soon I may have to dual boot windows/linux which can be difficult and do not ask technician at a commercial software store you will get your feelings hurt.
  5. I still have a fedora * cd but, it is collecting dust. I tried to intall it but, couldn't get past the network;sever info crap and opted out, I still don't know about network settings please don't ask me. I need help installing ubuntu 12.04 lxf, can't get past that boot screen. I tried puppy didn't wan't to install it said download success then, an error with something when I tried to burn it to a cd. Geexbox looked very glitchy GUI blinking repeatively and only working on the cd rats!!! I should used username: "postal linux user" kidding I am just frustrated cuase I had all these plans when I got this pc with win xp and I all ready had pc games I got from the dollar store (don't luagh) I got to get my game on!!! but, low and behold it only had 10 gig to work with!!!! that was what was left on a 160 drive!!! In the bios page or hit F10 just before windows boots and foud to my suprize two more xp instalations no wander it had hardly no room. reply if you like.
  6. I heard and read about that distro and it sounds promissing. I think it is good that distro projects are starting to make builds targetting new users from a new users perspective not ussuming people know what a command line is nor the windows dos prompt. I only know because I seek to these things to better understand it is a hobby of mine. I still am a noob most g33ks eyes but, I do alot of reading computing topics plus have intalled a couple of distros; upgraded ram swaped hard drives etc... my door to linux was my fascination with apple/mac so, it started it started as they say the rest is history. Ultimate edition got me real excited but, Zorin O.S. impressed me. Now I readfrom the UE Linux site they built upon Lubuntu. check it yourself. I may have to go with puppy cuase it is light and even though I have a 64bit machine with two processor about a 1gig half each also 160 gb HD but, I use a smart phone to tether/share the internet with my desktop emachine it only cst me 75 bux. If you have any comment go right ahead.
  7. It depends on the machine specs, people will tell you their favorite like a promo but, you probably want one that fits your machine and works out the box (sort of) I like ubuntu but, I saw to others that caught my eye but, first choose the LTS of that version for official tech support, the L=long T=term also know your pc specs this is more important than you know.Befor any of this below check for local vendors that sell Linux magazines with the dvd inside or outside it. Every state or city maybe different. Do you research and right down features you want and the distro that comes the close to all take that one, hopefully I may have saved you some time. Read about the features and documentation 1.Ultimate Edition light 2.Lubuntu 3. Zorin (comes with wine & play on linux)
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