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  1. I will give it a shot and let you know. Thanks I have never set any auto start except with scripts. I am in runlevel 2, which I just found out is the default in Debian. I will have to chkconfig and see what is currently listed and add vnc if necessary. At this point I have webmin installed and while it may be a simple interface and easy to configure, I would really like to know exactly what it is doing and possibly just use the command line or vnc as needed. I know there are simple packages out there to do what I am wanting with this server but I am a die hard tweaker. And I want
  2. OK got my new MB and installed everything. After doing some research, I settled on going with Ubuntu Server. I took care of SSH, Samba, VNC, Serviio (for my media server). Wrote a few simple scripts for auto-starting VNC and Serviio. I am doing some testing and installing a few more things. Once I am done I will post speeds and hopefully I will have good read & decent write speeds.
  3. @Dungeon-Dave OK. I ran into an issue that caused everything to halt until Tuesday. It appears that the itx board I got has an issue with PCIe cards in the x16 slot. Apparently it is with almost any except video cards. So I went back to an ASUS and ordered a P8H61-M LE/CSM. It should be here Tuesday and I will be able to get back on this build. I will update after I get it.
  4. Actually if I CAN go headless and still do the work remotely I would love to. Honestly like I said, I havent used *nix in years. And when I last did it was always a secondary desktop that I used. I never really did any compiling etc and the only remote usage was running a small website. I did not realize I could remotely do everything. If this is the case I can locate the server in my Temp controlled media closet and just use it as a true server. I havent started my coding classes yet but I start 2 this coming semester and the idea of keeping everything on the server while using my ma
  5. OK I see where I was confusing. Beginning, this will be headless to serve files and media as well as provide remote access. I have used Freenas in the past (not recently) and I am not sure how I will be able to expand functionality. However In the next 4 months I will also be starting Python, C++ classes in school. And I did not think the NAS OS's can be used any way but headless. (Like I said I haven't kept up with Development in years) If you think I can do this by expanding a ready made NAS OS please point me to it and I will check it out.
  6. Hello all. I am recently returning to Linux after about a 10 year absence. I have not kept up with development except through various articles. Here is my plight. I have searched and there are really no topics that actually fit what I am looking for. And google seems to bring me here time and time again. I dont want a dedicated NAS OS. I want to be able to do other things with the system on occasion, not continuous, i.e. development, etc. I am looking to set up a home NAS/media/file/backup server. I am not really asking for Distro advice as I am going to use CentOS. I am running
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