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  1. Those can usually be started as a service. Look into the "chkconfig" command to see if you can set them to start at specific run-levels.


    I will give it a shot and let you know. Thanks I have never set any auto start except with scripts.


    you can just run the command


    and it will show what runlevel you are in then you can use the chkconfig command that Dungeon-Dave mentioned to configure it to boot when booted in that runevel.


    example my runlevel for my server is 3. So you could then do the following if you wanted vnc to startup on runlevel 3.



    chkconfig --levels 3 vnc on


    man chkconfig

    shows more detailed info about the command


    I am in runlevel 2, which I just found out is the default in Debian. I will have to chkconfig and see what is currently listed and add vnc if necessary. At this point I have webmin installed and while it may be a simple interface and easy to configure, I would really like to know exactly what it is doing and possibly just use the command line or vnc as needed.


    I know there are simple packages out there to do what I am wanting with this server but I am a die hard tweaker. And I want to be able to set this up the way I want.

    I really appreciate the assistance and information. When I get home tomorrow I will check everything and see where I stand.

  2. OK got my new MB and installed everything. After doing some research, I settled on going with Ubuntu Server. I took care of SSH, Samba, VNC, Serviio (for my media server). Wrote a few simple scripts for auto-starting VNC and Serviio. I am doing some testing and installing a few more things. Once I am done I will post speeds and hopefully I will have good read & decent write speeds.

  3. @Dungeon-Dave


    OK. I ran into an issue that caused everything to halt until Tuesday. It appears that the itx board I got has an issue with PCIe cards in the x16 slot. Apparently it is with almost any except video cards. So I went back to an ASUS and ordered a P8H61-M LE/CSM.


    It should be here Tuesday and I will be able to get back on this build. I will update after I get it.

  4. Generally, that's the way a NAS will work - but I didn't get the impression you wanted something non-headless.


    Actually if I CAN go headless and still do the work remotely I would love to.


    Just to explain that point: I've been running servers for years but mostly headless, and when I want to code something up I generally fire up an SSH session to hack away. For PHP/perl stuff, I use a graphical editor (Textpad) to edit files located on a SAMBA share then can either run them in a SSH prompt or surf to the relevant apache page. I don't actually perform any work on the server console itself. For some reason I thought you'd also be doing python/C++ stuff remotely like that, but hadn't featured upon you using the server desktop at all.


    Honestly like I said, I havent used *nix in years. And when I last did it was always a secondary desktop that I used. I never really did any compiling etc and the only remote usage was running a small website. I did not realize I could remotely do everything. If this is the case I can locate the server in my Temp controlled media closet and just use it as a true server. I havent started my coding classes yet but I start 2 this coming semester and the idea of keeping everything on the server while using my mac is very interseting.




    I realise this could take some time and effort, but I know I'm one of those people that - in the past - would spend time and effort building my own file/print/media server only to discover there's a distro out there that has it all inbuilt for me. (I found the same thing with XMBC).


    I will spend as much time doing what I need to get everything the way I want, which is why I am wanting to use Linux. M$ = $ + restrictive. I looked a xbmc and I could not find any that was a clean install. Everything I saw was a package that installed on top of an OS, am I missing one?


    As for a NAS OS, I am more than willing to try one if I can add packages as needed but ultimately I will have to research them as it is an unknown to me.


    You have given me several things to think about so I am starting today, trying to get it sorted and start building. I will start with the packages you mentioned and then go from there. I will update and see what I still want/need and let you know.

  5. OK I see where I was confusing. Beginning, this will be headless to serve files and media as well as provide remote access. I have used Freenas in the past (not recently) and I am not sure how I will be able to expand functionality.


    However In the next 4 months I will also be starting Python, C++ classes in school. And I did not think the NAS OS's can be used any way but headless. (Like I said I haven't kept up with Development in years)


    If you think I can do this by expanding a ready made NAS OS please point me to it and I will check it out.

  6. Hello all. I am recently returning to Linux after about a 10 year absence. I have not kept up with development except through various articles.


    Here is my plight.


    I have searched and there are really no topics that actually fit what I am looking for. And google seems to bring me here time and time again.

    I dont want a dedicated NAS OS. I want to be able to do other things with the system on occasion, not continuous, i.e. development, etc.

    I am looking to set up a home NAS/media/file/backup server. I am not really asking for Distro advice as I am going to use CentOS.


    I am running it on

    Gigabyte GA-H61N-USB3 1155 ITX with Intel Pentium G630T (35W CPU)

    8 GB DDR3 1333

    Perc 5/i w/ 4 WD RE4 1TB Dirves.




    Here is what will be on the network.

    1 MBP (heavy use) with OSX 10.7 maybe upgrade to 10.8

    1 Windows 7 Laptop (wifes mostly for internet FB stuff)

    1 Xeon Workstation with OSX/ WIndows7/ Fedora 15

    1 iPad (internet and file sharing)

    1 Kindle Fire (internet use only)

    2 Android Phone (mostly using internet, no file sharing)

    1 Sony BP-S580 DLNA capable Blu-Ray

    1 Xbox 360


    Mostly This will be for streaming files and media in the network but I am also returning to school to get another degree. (Programming this time versus current Admin Degree. ) So I will be accessing files remotely.


    The reason I am here is to find out what packages should I grab. I have a static IP with 2 firewalls but want to access files etc.


    I want as secure as possible so VPN is a good place to start.

    SFTP for letting a friend or iPad access

    media server for itunes files as well as other media.

    Samba of course.

    And anything else you can think of that will help.


    I tried this same question at 2 other sites and got the general consensus response WHS. I DONT want M$. I have it because I work with it and I am tired of it. Windows 7 is the last M$ OS I will run. Although OSX is my OS I use the most. But I am not a FANBOY either.


    Any ideas help or corrections please feel free. Even criticism is welcome, constructively for a 2nd time n00b.

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