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  1. I dunno if this is the offical way or what? Add to your yum.conf and save. [kde.org] name=kde.org baseurl=ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/3.4/RedHat/Fedora3/i386/ Now just run "yum update"
  2. I downloaded all the KDE 3.4 RPMS, and was curious how to upgrade to KDE.
  3. How do you change your computer name on fedora core 3? I tried doing it the gentoo way but that did not work. Thanks
  4. I ran yum to update everything. The lile icon on the kicker is showing no update, and I told it to check anyway.no overclock. It just seems to be firefox for some reason it like blog the whole system for 5-15. I wish I could find out why when I download somthing it doesn't show up? I can open the term and "ls" and it will show up. Spec Intel P4 3.2 1Mb cache Intel D865 Perl M/B 1024M Kingston 400Mhz DDR 80G 7200 Seagate HD 8MB cache Intel Nic 100Mb Full Duplex Intel Sound Antec Server Case Plenty of fans
  5. Also if I downloading something to anyfolder It does not always showup when I browse to that folder. I can see it in the terminal and if I logout and relogin I can see it.
  6. Im running a clean install with the lastest updates and running karamba for monitoring my system. I have started to notice some freezing for like 5-15 seconds surfing the web with firefox. I turned off the karamba to see if that was the issue. Is anyone eles having this issue or anything related?
  7. thanks for the reply. I just formated and reloaded my fc3, I was having alot of other issues. and I got the java installed. Thanks for the great site.
  8. I followed the instructions to install the java for firefox from here how to install the java plugin in firefox, instructions that worked for me : When I goto a website with java firefox just like closes out . thanks for the help
  9. I followed the directions for installing java for firefox on fc3. When I goto a website with java firefox just like crashes or closes. Thanks for the help
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