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  1. Here's source of nick http://www.theregister.co.uk/odds/bofh/ And of course anyone who has EVEr interacted with me knows I picked it because that's exactly how I act.
  2. "Slackware 10.2 includes the Linux 2.4.31 kernel, with Linux 2.6.13 available in the /testing directory. For the first time, a 2.6 kernel with support for SCSI, RAID, and SATA is offered as a boot option in the installer (called "test26.s")." Quote from release notice when 10.2 was released. There are a variety of ways you can install the 2.6 kernel. If you're just running the stock Slackware kernel, rather than a custom kernel, point pkgtool to the /testing directory on the cd that contains the 2.6 kernel. You could also use swaret, if you ahve it installed, but that would take a bit more work(would have to change source path on swaret to point to testing directory, and would have to remove the kernel exclusion). If you are running a custom kernel, then merely make yourselef a new kernel again, as you did before, just use the 2.6 kernel source this time.
  3. so that people will leave me alone
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