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  1. Can you issue this command and post the results: # ls -l /lib/modules Peace...
  2. Where are your gd libraries installed? Peace...
  3. Virtual hosting with Apache is neat. I admin a box that hosts 25-30 sites and keeping the logs stored on a per-host basis works out very well, especially when providing web log analysis on a per site basis. "Mass Virutal Hosting" is also neat, if you need to host sites without any special requirements. With "Mass Virtual Hosting", you can define sites by uploading the site to the server in a particular spot, registering the domain, and setting up the IP address assignment. No Apache restart required! This is a great thread. Peace...
  4. I don't know what the forum policy is on posting log info but if you post your X server error log here someone might be able to help more. I'm not sure if Mandrake uses X.org of XFree86 but try looking for a file in /var/log with "0.log" in the name. That should or might be an error log that might contain more info regarding the problem you're now having. Peace...
  5. This works well. Additionally, if you want to have the machine boot into GUI "mode" all the time, read up on changing the default runlevel to the X11 runlevel (5 on most Linux distros I believe and 4 on Slackware) and when you boot your machine it will automagically go into GUI mode. Peace...
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