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  1. My apologies! I had installed firestarter on my system which for reasons I don't know caused the slowdown. I thought I had uninstalled it, but I went to check and sure enough...still there. My ip rules list shrunk dramatically and my download speed doubled. Thanks for your help though!
  2. You may be onto something. Problem is, I know nothing about iptables or how to change/configure. I did iptables -L...I don't know if it has too many rules, but the output was quite long. I'd post but it really would take up more than the viewable area on your screen. Should I post it, or is there some portion of it that would be helpful?
  3. Hi there, I have had a post about this on the forum of my distro (ubuntu) for some time now but no one even has any suggestions for settings to examine. When downloading files or using download speed tests such as available at testmy.net I found that I was getting very slow performance under Ubuntu. This, I believe is new and was not the case when I first installed it. When I log in on Windows XP with all the same hardware the download speed is about double. I have cable internet, through a router and hub. The router does degrade the performance but even when connecting dir
  4. A good suggestion, but now, I changed the ownership during the nvidia install. In my experience Tuxracer has been a good benchmark as it does not run well (like 1 fps) when the drivers aren't installed. IN addition, I can't run the game in root mode either. I'd love some other suggestions. I can live without playing Doom 3 but I'd really like to know what's up with opengl.
  5. I installed, correctly as far as I can tell, the nvidia drivers to my geforce video card. Tuxracer works, for example, and the nvidia splash screen comes up at boot. I installed the linux doom3 demo to see if it would work and it does not. This isn't that surprising, but the reason it didn't was surprising. The errors are about locating opengl....Here is the actual output: Running in restricted demo mode. ----- Initializing Decls ----- ------------------------------ ------- Initializing renderSystem -------- using ARB renderSystem renderSystem initialized. -----------------------
  6. Sometimes when I get out of X for some task or another I see the prompt "you have mail" . I can't remember how, but I was able to get a list of messages but had no idea how to look at them. I assume these are messages from various processes, but I don't ever receive them. Is this simply the mechanism that puts things into the /var/log files? Or is there a way to look at these messages? I've just always been curious about that.
  7. Would this be an appropriate place to ask about WHY you would compile your own kernel from source? I always wonder. What are the advantages? Are there things you can do during install that you can't otherwise? What are some of those things? Finally, if I ever try this, are there going to be some technical decisions to make as it is compiling that might be over my head or does it take care of itself once you've done the above? Just curious.
  8. Perfect! Thanks. OH and I solved my problem...I got rid of mplayer and installed xine from this site which is an unofficial rpm site for xine. I followed the directions...no compiling needed and it worked great! So if anyone stumbles onto this topic with similar woes, xine might be a solution.
  9. Thought I'd add some clarification (though I can't get mplayer to work on my system either...it did but now it's broken...I started a new thread.) Linux does not use file extension .exe or any other extenstion for an executable. Any file that is a "program" will usually have a command in one of several places that will be searched, such as /bin. The bin stands for "binaries" and these are files that have been turned into binary code ready for the computer to do whatever it is told. There are several such /bin files in Linux, such as /usr/bin. If you go to /bin, for example, with you
  10. There are several suggested ways to install mplayer and to use it as a player of embedded videos in firefox. I finally found the right combination for me. For example, the mplayer mozilla plug in never worked, but the generic "mozplugger" did. I had everything working fine. embedded video played great in most cases. And now it is broken. I don't know what happened, but somehow I had also broken my nvidia driver. I had done a kernel upgrade and it wasn't working and it took several tries to get it back right. After getting that sorted out, I could no longer watch embedded video with mpl
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