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  1. Well, when I ran windows NT on here. I opend a file that let me configure openGL. It didnt do multitexturing (the same problem i had with NT untill i configured it) maybe there is some app. that i can find.. dunno oh well
  2. Do any of you know how/if I can get to the OpenGL configuration stuff I've never done anything like it before. (Using RedHat 9)
  3. hehe, sorry. RedHat 9, ALL GAMES I was used to having it be very soundless. untill I started playing games on it.. please help
  4. Whenever I play games I dont get any sound :S Is there a simple explanation? Could it just my sound card?
  5. Fiddle around with it a bit you'll find it.... If you need to view your cookies just go: Edit/Personal Data (at least for my browser) or Edit/Preferences. I could be wrong though. hehe
  6. Wow! It doesnt look or sound so bad after all heh
  7. It seems fine for me.. every once and a while it lags a little, but its generally not a problem
  8. And there will be more This is a great site!
  9. gamekeeper


    I found a pretty good one (free) but they arnt letting anyone sign up... I havnt checked in a while so they might have started again php freaks
  10. Xchat because i havnt felt like installing any different ones
  11. Same here, I always use both
  12. hehe, thanks i should have thought of that
  13. Does anyone know how to convert .stx to .gif, .jpg, .png, anything? (friking open office art) If it is possible at all... I was just playing around and I happend to make somthing pretty cool. haha.
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