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  1. also tried installing fedora core 2, and had the same problem
  2. yea i tired that once, and after a short while it just goes to the screen where it asks me what language, type of keyboard, and then where the files are located. the hardware is a p3 800mhz, 20gig harddrive, liteon cdrw drive,
  3. Hey Im having a problem installing Fedora Core 3. I downloaded all 4 isos. And checked the md5sum, and they were all fine. When I boot up from the cdrom, the Fedorca Core boots up fine, it asks me for language, and type of keyboard. then it asks me where my installation files are, so i chose local cdrom, after that it says that it cant find the fedora core cd. i burned the image twice, and also downloaded another image from a different mirror, and i still get the same error. Anyone have any information on what i can do? Thanks
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