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  1. NaMu

    Partition Info

    Thanks Anyweb!
  2. NaMu

    Partition Info

    I want to install FC3 on a partition but i need some more info. 1)Size 2)Label 3)Logical or Primary? 4)File System Tpe 5)Drive Letter Thanks -Namu
  3. I have downloaded all 3 ISO's but now i dont now if i sould burn it on a bootable CD or a Data CD Some1 help?
  4. NaMu

    New To Mandrake

    Wow thanks! Helps alot
  5. NaMu

    New To Mandrake

    Hello, I have been using windows for 5 years now and i wasnt to start learning linux. I installed Mandrake 10.1 and im not very firmilar with te command so do you guys have any good tutorials or anyting that can help me get firmiliar with them. -NaMu
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