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  1. thanx, the prob was my damn modem
  2. You can use TMPGEnc for this, http://www.tmpgenc.net . =)
  3. hi, im having some really annoying problems with my computer. first of all, blue screen of death messages, its like a pick and mix. new ones each time, lol. the most common ones are, however; driver_irql_less_or_not_equal *.sys messages (varying from win32k.sys to tcpip.sys) bad_pool_caller there is probably many more, since i cant remember them all. another problem, is that my computer sometimes makes a tractor noise, like the sound of a tractor starting up (hard to belive) lol i have tried switching around my pci cards in my mb. i have only one free pci slot atm though. (the pci slot beside the agp slot is free) my current system specs are: 2ghz athlon xp asus a7x8x mboard windows xp w/ sp1 1gb pc2700 ddr ram 120gb 7200 rpm and 250gb 7200 rpm drives 4x dvd+-rw 48x cdrw billion pci isdn modem technotrends skystar dvb-s video capture card hauppage wintv nova-t dvb-t video capture card creative soundlabs soundcard i have had the problem with my computer restarting itself ever since i first built it up, just over 1 year ago. however the problem has gotten gradually worse up-until now. so, if anyone has any suggestions on how i can sort out these problems it would be greatly appreciated =) thanks
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