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  1. znx

    mp3 file transfer

    If both machines are Linux, then an SFTP client would provide a good method (for instance Filezilla). If it is to a Windows machine then reverse the connection, using WinSCP. These will work on LAN or across the Internet but you will need the IP address of the machine you are connecting to and you will need to open an SSH port.
  2. This is like the chicken and the egg. Without a compiler you cannot compile a compiler. If the distribution does not provide a package for installation then the only other solution is to make a package yourself. Obviously this requires another distribution, which in itself can be a problem. One solution might be to use an RPM from another distribution and hope that the dependencies it requires are available. However in the case of AstLinux, I think you will find yourself installing loads of other tools in preparation for GCC. This is because AstLinux is a super-cut-down distribution intend
  3. I assume that you have attempted to use Gnome/KDE's ability to set screen resolution and it isn't giving you any sizes bigger than 800x600. If not then this is the first step you want to do because it is the easiest by far. The second possibility is that your xorg.conf has the incorrect driver setting for your graphics card or is missing a setting. Take a look at the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf (it might not exist which means Xorg is just guessing all the settings). If it exists then look for the section called "Screen": Section "Screen" Identifier "Default Screen" Device "My Graph
  4. There is a simple fix here, see at the very end of the bashrc: ###My Aliases #open bashrc alias ebrc="nano ~/.bashrc You are missing the closing quote on that alias. SO it should be: ###My Aliases #open bashrc alias ebrc="nano ~/.bashrc" Save and there will no longer be any complaints.
  5. Linux isn't a hacker's tool any more than Windows is. Linux is an Operating System, which means it can be used for any purpose. If you upload a copy of your bashrc I will look at it and tell you what the problem is.
  6. The kernel saying that it isn't updated could be that the kernel is restricted from updating (not uncommon). Therefore you need to specify an upgrade to the kernel manually: apt-get update kernel Then reboot into the new kernel. The unrelated problem to your kernel upgrade and is more likely a personal alteration gone wrong. The /home/china/.bashrc is a personal configuration file for the user "china". I suggest that you either edit the file and fix the problem or simply move the file out of the way: mv /home/china/.bashrc /home/china/bashrc-old As suggested by the pr
  7. It seems like more and more companies are passing out public betas. So it is no great surprise that Novell has release a beta of their Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES2 SP2) http://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=CzEYrMAy8bM~
  8. Certainly one impressive looking piece of software. Web front-end's generally turn out to be extremely simply to use as well. If I was a Postfix user I think that I would give this a try. But it looks like you are expanding this to make it a Webmin competitor and by the looks of things, a Webmin beater. Nice!
  9. znx


    Hi, welcome to the Linux world! I would advise that you upgrade to F11. This is because of the way that Redhat release Fedora. Only one version back is given support, that means F9 is just out of support. So any issues with RPMs et al would probably be ignored by the developers. Saying that if you are just entering the Linux world you might find that using F9 is more than good enough for playing around with. Good Luck!
  10. You should be able to find a GUI editor for the boot loader. However if you are comfortable in the terminal then you can do the following: Open terminal Become root by typing: su - Edit the grub configuration file, you will most likely find nano to be the simplest terminal editor, so: nano /boot/grub/grub.conf You should see something like this in the file: title Fedora (SomeVersion.fc11) root (hdX,Y) kernel /boot/vmlinuz-SomeVersion.fc11 ro root=LABEL=/ rhgb quiet initrd /boot/initrd-SomeVersion.fc11.img Now add the additional bits to the end of the kernel line: title Fed
  11. It is always good to hear people going out to experiment with Linux. You had a couple of hurdles and have happily taken them on, which others would probably have baulked at. The direct run option on Firefox has been present since early versions and indeed IE has similar functionality. The speed of the system is normally down to the fact that Linux doesn't require 2Gb of RAM just to run unlike Vista ! I believe that BIOS bug you are experiencing could be fixed by appending some options to your kernel boot line. If you are using Grub for the boot loader (you probably are) then you need to ed
  12. Why must the best open source projects waver *sigh* Let us hope that someone will sort out the finer detail and get CentOS back on track. I am certain that if they don't then it is almost certain that someone will splinter the project and make a new one.
  13. So .. I think I'm back. Here's hoping anyway. I think I have been inactive for a couple of years (maybe more?) Let's see if maybe I can assist some peeps.
  14. Hi, OK so yeah circular dependencies are rare and as yet portage can't sort them. However the way to solve them is by doing what you did, remove the USE flag install. Then what you do is add the USE flag again and rebuild the package that have been altered: # emerge -aN world When you hit the space bar, yes it did continue, it didn't effect the installation at all. So don't worry about it at all.
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