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  1. I'm using an preconfigured install of Sendmail right now. But I want to learn how to set it up from scratch. probably try configuring both and see how it does. But I've that some people wen from Sendmail to PostFix. Been trying to find some information on why you would want to switch.
  2. Got any pointers for postfix? does it still use plain mbox? What's the main differences of the two? Thanks!
  3. Do you think I should go through each indevidual service I want and start configuring them? theres no order that would be more efficiant or certain administrative tasks recommended to perform first?
  4. I've just completed the server install of FC3 text mode. No GUI for me. Maybe in the future but not yet. I would like to configure this server as a mail server (either SendMail or PostFix, I've never used postfix however), DNS, Samba, SFTP, DHCP for starters. I'm hoping someone could offer some advice as to what to start with first. I just completed the install and am now at the command prompt but I'm not sure where to begin or if there is any recommended "tweaking" to be done. How do you approach a fresh new system configuration process? Thanks and Salute! A
  5. If it would be the CMOS, wouldnt this affect the hardware clock and not the system time?
  6. I think I'm going to look into ntpd because the cronjob still sint helping...I can't determine a specific time when it falls over again but I keep noticing that the time gets changed. Might be a kernel problem or something of the sort?
  7. Screw it since I can't find the actuall cause of this and I'm rebuilding a box, I've just created a cron job that syncs the sys time witht the hwclock evey 15min.
  8. nope, no ntp process running. I'm going to go through the reste of these processes and figure out the ones that I'm not familiar with. few other things I've noticed. 1. system time is displaying 15:57 as opposed to HW clock displaying 3:57PM both in AST 2. Doesn't seem to happen on the hour mark either. At first, it seemed like as soon as the hour changed from 9 to 10 for example it would change but this isn't the case. I'm going to keep checking for a patern.
  9. Sorry no double clicking here. It's completely command line driven. Want to try to really know the inside and out from the command line before moving on to a GUI. Any way of checking this via the command line?
  10. Hoy hoy, I'm not sure if this is the right area to get a response to this topic but figured since this is a RH box that it made sense. I'm running a RH9 box and for some reason at every hour the system clock falls behind about 4 hours. First I made sure the HW clock was set and then used the hwclock commande to set the system time the same as the HW time. So the hw time was 9:15 and now the sys time matched. At the hour mark, the hw time said 10:01 but the sys time was 6:01. They are both set to the AST time zone. What gives? This box also hosts sendmail, could that have anything to do with i
  11. I thought it recommended to start using the yum system as opposed to up2date?
  12. Hey everyone, Just though I would send a post and try to get myself involved. I'm fairly new to the linux scene. I've had a long time interest but never seemed to have the time to get into it. I come from a 85% PC environment running mostly NT boxes witha few solaris, and maybe 1-2 Linux boxes. Now I'm in a 95% Mac environment and am learning how to administer a few linux boxes. Should be interesting. I'm working on configuring a FC3 box from scratch and sending up services like email, samba, DHCP, DNS and etc. Anywho looking forward to working with everyone! Cheers!
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