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  1. hi all, It's great service, I would love to have an email by the way znx can you change my username in forums 'pwnt' and i'd love username for email 'pwnt' also
  2. Same thing happened to me. I had feisty and then couldn't upgrade to Gutsy using "sudo update-manager -d -c" so I had to backup my /home/user then did a fresh new install for Gutsy, and its been awesome so far. I like it
  3. I have been using linux for awhile now, I still not perfect ofcourse since I've quited for awhile, in the past 4years I tried alot of distro's such as (Slackware 7.0 - Mandrake - Fedora core 1 & 2 - ubuntu - knoppix - and then gentoo) I liked each one of them but mostly for me i liked gentoo the most, that was all 4yrs old, then I quit'd internet since i joined the army, few weeks ago i'm back, casually using windows which sucks, I only like windows for games, but then it accures to me that I liked linux & #Linux-noob on irc, so then i went to distrowatch and checked that PCLinuxOS is
  4. So I went to the army, took long break from #linux-noob - not clearly sure how long was it. but it was very long in years. however I'm back, installing gentoo as you read this! yay
  5. asbani

    Hello Ther!!!!

    hey! Happy 3 yrs linux-noob!! I just checked that on my email, and ya i'm away off linux atm, seldom use pc too only to check email, however I just say i gotta come here and post hello for old days sake, Miss you guys!! bye ;p
  6. asbani


    -fn -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal-*-*-120-*-*-c-*-iso8859-2 -g that what i use.
  7. I truely can't remember, but it wasn't in the browser googling or searching, It was in the irc, i saw the chan name somewhere in someone /whois. that's it. and i like it :P
  8. He probably wanted to prove his iptables security, and share it with people to secure their servers? I'm not sure tho.
  9. asbani


    gentoo and i'm using actually gkrellm + Eterm emering + aterm irssi + gaim and a firefox. some spam
  10. do i need to have gnome WM installed so this thing works? because i can't make it work for me and the only WM i have is fluxbox, btw, I have gentoo, and i emerge the gdesklets and it is in pwnage org # /usr/lib/gdesklets/Displays/ SC-Weather/ SideCandyGmail/ I have these, and whenever i write in terminal; gdesklets & it opens an icon in my systry and it won't go to my desktop, thanks.
  11. yum is already installed once you install FC4 into your system, why you mention the apt-get for fc4? isnt it bad to have both? I mean yum and apt-get in the same system? I've heard of a pro unixer people that never install apt-get & yum in the same system, What do you think guys?
  12. awesome! I was looking for that..
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