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  1. ge5239

    eeello :)

    Hey there, signed up a while ago, or well, soon 2 years ago, but havent really used this place. harrased you on the irc-chan tho for a while, trying to find out things myself now though, so *wave*, i wont be that much trouble this visit, but always good to have a friendly forum to lean back on running ubuntu 6.10 now, but installed kde a few days ago, so guess this is kubuntu? dont miss gnome, even for a bit.. or well, it was alot faster and easier on the resources, but other than that
  2. ge5239

    fedora problems

    my fedora is working now bought a new 3com network card, and i was able to access the net. downloaded all the updatefiles that it asked about, and then after the reboot i was able to use my usb mouse now all i have to do is figure out how the heck it's working, but atleast all the hardware is working! thx ppl.
  3. ge5239

    fedora problems

    having problems with copy/past, since im not at the computer.. but cant get an ip, tried the ifup eth0 and that failed too. guess thats the same thing i did in network option, which was successful, once.. doing only the ps2 mouse so i can concentrate on the network first now. this cant have anything to do with the problems with booting it up?
  4. ge5239

    fedora problems

    i wish.. that was first and last time it worked.. after this it stopped working again, network totally died, router can be thrown out and i cant even install windows on my hdd anymore.. *thinking* not really sure what to do to be honest.. want to try xandros now, but cant boot it up, someone told me to update bios, sounds dangerous.. mandrake, from what i've heard, a cheap ripoff, so what's next ? debian, well, couldnt even understand how to download a nonstable version, the last stable version isn't as updated as it should (according to those i talked to then). suggestions anyone? going desperate now.. moved my moms computer to my room (modem is just outside to cable was long enough to do directly to it, since router is dead), but gotta do something soon..
  5. ge5239

    fedora problems

    this is just WEIRD! printed out all the things you said (apparently it's one of those weekends so didnt start work until 10.30), went up, plugged in the ps2 mouse that works, then during startup it asks to install the usb mouse! and it works! loggin in, switching back to "receive by dhcp" for the network, and suddenly that works too !? im not writing at my own computer, frikkin wonderful! thx for the help, im pretty much sure there'll be more things i need help with gotta check if i can boot the computer without cd-rom usage..
  6. ge5239

    fedora problems

    EPoX EP-8K9A7i, KT400A, Socket-A, ATX, ATA/133, AC97, USB2.0, LAN, AGP8X that should be the motherboard NEC ND 1300 - DVD
  7. ge5239

    fedora problems

    Thx alot, im off to work in a few minutes, hoping to have the time to look on these things when i get back home! if not, well, good thing the weekend is coming up now. thx again!
  8. ge5239

    fedora problems

    yo yo yo first time user with linux, and already i got a bunch of problems, "looking good!". first, installed fc3 three times now, first said it worked, but then i got "could not load os" when i tried to start. second time it hung itself during installation third time then, installation works, but then same "could not load os". then, mainly by accident, i booted up with my windows XP cd in the cd-reader. forgot the hit "any key" and look at that, fedora started! fixed the settings, got my login, pass etc. fedora loading, typing in login + pass. and im in! it's loaded! so, then to my first problem: mouse doesnt work! not sure if the usb is working, since the light on it is off, should be a nice blue light when mouse is online. tried to get myself somewhere with keyboard, but without success, really annoying! only keys that seems to be working is ctrl+alt+delete (log off / turn off), and print screen. second problem is about the booting my fedora. after "veryfyin DMI Pool DATA", then a _, then nothing happends.. insert the win cd, and it works just fine, but then i cant even remove the cd when started, nothing happends, stone dead! reaction on cd is nada.. not that handy with computers, was just really annoyed after a virus in my windows so i've changed. ppl told me to use linux, that it wasnt that difficult, and then that they've never seen someone with so many problems in such short time.. some stuff i picked up during startup. first the Veryifying DMI Pool Data, where it gets stuck if i dont have a cd in. second, hmm, this is in swe, but "s
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