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  1. that does indeed sound quite interesting! thank you for the welcome and yup thats pretty much spot on! with the LXDE one i'm using i have to use remmina and its probably just me but its not going to well! the one using RPiTC boots into RDesktop but a windows manager sounds very interesting as one of the issues I'm having is when they log out of the windows terminal server session they are left with the linux desktop. i dont fancy having them meddle!
  2. thanks for the warm welcome! and yup spot on! hoping to go from the Pi to the terminal server. does anyone know the lightest/fastest desktop enviroment i could use? ive tried LXDE of course and a few others. im literally only using it to launch rdesktop so the barest the better!
  3. Hello! i realise the forum seems pretty quiet but i thought I'd post anyway! first post yay! anyway! I've got myself a raspberry pi and I'm pretty happy with it. but what I'm hoping to set up is a remote desktop client that boots very quickly. so far ive managed to use Raspbian with Remmina but that was a bit iffy and didnt work too well, so i moved on to the RPiTC project, boots up to RDesktop in about 45-50 seconds but still not exactly what we need. I'm now experimenting with Arch Linux Arm for the Pi but seeing I'm quite the noob at this I'm not doing too well. ive found that i cant run RDesktop without some form of desktop enviroment on the pi itself (please correct me if im wrong!) but trying to find a really lightweight and fast one is proving difficult. it doesnt help that I'm behind a proxy here so while downloading some stuff works others dont. If you could help at all or point me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated! EDIT: sorry guess i should mention I'm trying to connect to a Windows 2008R2 Terminal Server! Thanks! Tom
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