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  1. First of all, sorry for being confusing, my english isn't perfect I actually have figured this part out but thank you anyway! Yeah, this actually helped! I actually didn't think of just making my user account join the deluge group. This also "automatically" has fixed all the permissions troubles I had! Thank you
  2. Beta.91

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    Thanks! I've opened a new topic, hopefully somebody can help me sort out my confusion!
  3. Hello everybody! I've got a little question here: how do I correctly set up a daemon and its related folders permissions? I've got a little server going here which, among other thing, I'd like to use as a torrent box. My home server drive has a "storage" partition which I share on the LAN via AFP (so I can use it as external storage for my macbook). The administrator user of my server is the owner of this partition. What I would like to achieve is a torrent daemon auto-picking torrent files from a folder on "storage" (say /mnt/storage/torrents) and downloading them into a "downloads" folder (say /mnt/storage/downloads). I've downloaded deluge and sort of have set it up. Now, it might seem stupid but what confuses me is: how am I supposed to "correctly" configure the permissions on the folders? Right now everybody has access to the "torrents" and "downloads" folders (chmod 777), I am the owner of those folders and deluge is running under debian-deluge:debian-deluge. I've read a bunch of guides and tutorials online (some say I should join the debian-deluge group and set the permissions for the group, some say that I should make deluge run with my user's privileges and so on) but I eventually got pretty confused and ended up here. Is there anybody so kind to help this linux noob out?
  4. Beta.91

    Hello there

    Hello everybody, a linux noob from Italy here, dealing with my first install of Ubuntu Server ever (I used to use the desktop version once but never actually touched a GUI-less setup). Hopefully a lot of my questions will get sorted out here
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