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  1. Hello to the linux community, i'm new on this forums and i hope that somebody help me in a small problem i have whit joli os. First of all i recently install for the fist time linux mint 14 nadia in my notebook, while i was searching in the web about it, i found that joli os can be installed like another desktop environment for ubuntu, i try it. i have two problems: 1-)joli os explain that i have to install an add-on for HTML5, so that i can play mp3,mp4... and the other formats not supported,then i did it and reset, and it didn't work. 2-)when i enter to the cinnamon desktop i notice that the pop up notification for the brigthness control change, i think is the one from joli os, can i fix this? thanks for take the time to read, i appreciate and i apologize if i write something wrong or anything, but english i'ts not my native language
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