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  1. I finally installed linux mint. I installed on a 1 TB hard drive with 3 partition. 30GB - ext4 - for the root (This will allow me to install updated version of mint and keep my /home) 10 GB - swap 900 GB - ext4 - /home Please let me know if this is a good way to partition my hard drive. --------------------------- I also got another 1 TB internal hard drive (no OS) - NTFS I have massive amount of movies in it. What are the step I need to do in order for my Linux Mint to see the hard drive. Do I need to delete everything? P.S Did some research and they are telling me to install "pysdm" want to comfirm with you before doing so.
  2. Thank you very much, I will look back at this post when I do install Fedora. I have few more quick questions, not sure if they are related. What is FreeNAS, sickbread & python ?
  3. Hi, I was wonder if the following tasks can be accomplished before I start installing a linux distro. Task one: I believe linux doesn't have separate drives, like windows where there're different logical/physical drives. I currently have : 1x Samsung SSD - 128 GB 2x WD HDD - 1 TB & 600 GB Is it possible to link all three hard drives into one main hard drive? (I believe this would be all under one root.) Task two: (Need opinion) I play games from time to time, so I would be using virtual box to play these games. or should I use daul boot: SSD - I will install windows. HDD- Have linux installed. Task Three: I want to share videos on network. (In windows it is called Network Drive) Is this possible? P.S Is Linux good for watching video in HD (720p, 1080p, 1080i) (m2ts, ts, mkv,)? -----------------------------Off topic------------------------- What distro & certification is good for network administrator? I heard that Red Hat Certification is the best one to get. I'm guessing Fedora should be a good distro to be using?
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