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  1. Bodhihermit

    Hi Everyone

    Netrunner is the distro from BlueSystems and is based on Kubuntu, so yeah .deb based have a look here http://www.netrunner-os.com/ As an OS it's not that old, but it seems to be making definite ripples in the KDE Distro world, and the Bluesystem Devs have really put some work into sorting out most of the major Bugs that Kubuntu has inherantly suffered from, It also has WINE & Gnome intergration built in The new release 13.06 is due to be released in the next couple of weeks. I can't wait, I Grabbed a copy of the RC2 to live boot from USB, and it runs flawlessly K3D is a great little app but mostly aimed at animation though, still playing around with that one at the moment, but i do use Blender regularly, unfortunately neither of them will open .wings files, they have to be exported as .obj wavefront files first, (and this is the major crunch), after a bad update, due to a repository snafu, a lot of systems went down, I couldn't even log in to my system, it wasnt untill i reinstalled netrunner that i found the problem with Wings3D, which made exporting them .obj a no go But i will be definitely having a look at the artofillusion app, thanks for that
  2. Bodhihermit

    Hi Everyone

    Thanks for the welcome guys At the moment i am running Netrunner 12.12 KDE 4.10.4 which i really love using as its a very polished Distro. so unless they decide to screw it up like Mint did with the switch to unity, I'm going to stick with it. Projects: I have a Mint 14 XFCE running in Virtualbox, so I am going to get to grips with compiling and installing from source, that should be fun the main reason is I'm a design engineer, and i used to use a Great little app called Wings3D a polygon mesh modeling program. But for whatever reason, some donut of a Dev decided to drop the Erlang dependencies from the repositories and it can't be installed any longer, so now i have over 2TBs of .wings Design Files that are pretty useless at the moment untill i can figure this out
  3. Bodhihermit

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone Been Dabbling with linux for some years now, with the exception of the "Dreaded", and "avoided at all costs" forays into the Terminal, I can navigate folders/files and perform updates and basic stuff, but when it comes to things like compiling software or re configuring hardware.........oh dont know, as soon as go there it just all seems to go tits up of course I suppose it doesnt help that I'm mildly Lesdyxic as well I do try, but usually things either grind to a halt and then Nothing, or it breaks big time, and i have to plump for a re-install and start over after frequenting other forums and the IRC networks with requests for help, and finding that I usually get either Ignored, or someone just posts hundreds of lines of code without even a explanation of how, what, when, or why, somewhere along the line i just became very dissolusioned with it all, and it seemed to me, that if you didnt know everthing about linux...."Tuff go back to window" and if you did then hey "welcome to the club." Cue Linux Noob, well here I am throwing myself at your mercy in the hope that i can finally master more than the GUI
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