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  1. I have no idea how to install a graphics drivers for a video card that is built into a motherboard. The graphics driver is one of those intregated intel graphics card that is built into the motherboard. I also need to know hot to install the chipset drivers as well if it is neccesary. Right now I can't play any video or stream music videos. If anyone can help it's be highly appreciated. Thanks to all. I am currently using Fedora Core 4 `Synchro`
  2. Well it looked like unplugging the PC for 5 mins did something, that was a weird temporary issue. Hope it doesn't happen again. Boots quick and fresh now. Nice, thanks for the command to stop stuff I don't use at startup. >>>>>>>>>>>>I do get RGB errors when trying to run glxgears, and screensavers crash my GUI/Desktop<<<<<<<<<<<< Asus P4P800 SE Motherboard P4 3.2Ghz HT Technology - Northwood Core, Socket 478 1gigabyte - 4x(256mb) - of Samsung PC-2700 Ram 80Gig WD (IDE), 10Gig Quantium (IDE) 6600GT 128mbDDR3 AGP 8x
  3. It takes a good 5-7 mins for FC3 to fully boot to desktop ready to go, also when I get to desktop, Mozilla, GAIM, everything goes slow, even Terminal and other things listed in the Applications list. I don't know what's going on, but maybe I have some things running I should, or I need to change a setting? Whatever it is, it's letting me down bigtime on this whole FC3 thing, It's really cool, and I like what I see and learn. So I hope I can get it fixed soon : \ Also I can't get theme's installed. I see screenies of Linux looking really good and visual, but I can't seem to get mine that way.
  4. Awesome I'll be there for sure. Thanks a million. Synchro
  5. I was going to ask, if someone in their spare time help me with installing these drivers. I don't have a printer to print all this code out and I am on a dual boot system. I am too new to Fedora to correctly do this without a mistake. If anyone at all would be willing to install my nvidia drivers through ssh (Anyweb, I know you did it before but I reformatted to have the dual boot how I liked it) it would be highly appreciated. I can prepare the system to non-graphical mode, and give you the access to do it from there. Thanks for any help, hope to be successful in progressing to learn more.
  6. : ) Yes, thnku I was going to ask, would it be easier to install Windows and use Windows partition program... then install Linux, or would it be better to do the opposite. ex Install Linux first with the linux partition prog then Windows, or is it just the same. I just wanted to know this before I got on the wheel. Thanks for the recom Anyweb, for the OS.
  7. I did some serious google searching for help installing Suse L. 9.3. I came across so many websites, some that just talked about it for pages and pages. After long disatifications, I googled, "How to Install Suse 9.3" (Just like that, with puncuations and all, yes including the " " ) and you'll see what I saw in the little info area which got me here! I was like niiiiiiiiice. Never got around to installing the trial version or w/e, it was because I couldn't set up the DHCP or w/e to start d/l it or installing it, one of the two. (Note: that was the mini installer d/l) I don't have a DVD bu
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