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  1. i think ive fixed the problem, apparently i had a virus in xp that was using all of my connection and shutting me out of it. i reinstalled linux and fedora and have been online in xp for a while now hopefully i stay online with no problems, and i will gladly keep fedora. thanks for the help.
  2. Srry for seeming so noobish i love fedora i just cant do without internet until i kno more about it, so im not downing it. I doubt that this has anything to do with virus' or spy ware because i clean installed both xp and fedora and i havent even put anything on xp as yet really. al i did was connect to the internet, i made sure i disabled messenger service and rpc services before as from experience ithey would have caused probs in the near future. then connected and it connects for a while yes, so maybe this is a virus, i have no way of knowing i dont have access to the internet long enough
  3. ok i have no idea what the problem is i dont think i will be able to resolve it, another problem is when i log into xp now it doesnt recognize a sound driver even though when i log on to fedora 4 there is sound, im thinking its fedoras fault and will now attempt to clean my system of fedora. maybe some good guidance qould help as i cannot figure out how to install, i cannot see the linux partitions and when i use xp boot disk i dont know how to run this fixmbr command when i go to boot normally after its checking hardware devices i get a blank screen it doesnt go any further. HELP
  4. i ping after i cannot surf anymore in xp and i get no response. i look for anything that says DNS in windows, find something in windows services i disable profile 1. dont know if this means anything but now when i logged on it stays a lot longer online for surfing. but times out when trying to access after a while. however i can still search on google but cant click on any websites but now i can disconnect and connect and it will work for a while again instaed of me having to logoff and log back on.
  5. ill try to ping in xp when i reboot. i cant find any information on this problem at all no matter how i search. im pretty sure that when i installed fedora it messed up xps connection. i can connect in fedora anytime i login, but when i log into xp it might work for 10 minutes and then my web surfing hangs and i cant access any pages because i get a time out message. instant messenger cannot connect after this happens either, however the connection icon at the bottom right of windows says i am still connected to my dsl provider even though i cant conect to any website. if i log off and log
  6. Ok i have a problem, before the installation of fedora 4 i used dsl line in xp all the time, i have no firewalls in xp or linux ( atleast i think i dont im a linux no0b) . after i install fedora 4 i figured out how to set up my dsl line and connect and it worked the first time like a charm however when i logged back into xp i can connect to my dsl line but when i try to surf the web or connect to anything web related such as instant messenger it is like i am not online, firefox cannot find goolge to start at homepage and whatnot. but i log out of xp and log in and restart the connection and
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