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  1. Hello everone, i am now in Linux for about 3 Years and i never build a kernel on my own. Now its time to and I wanted to build one. I read a LOT in these Forums and did not find a good and understandable Tutorial for Building my own kernel (2.6.X) So i downloaded the kernel from kernel.org ( Now i wanted to know how I can simply build a new kernel. I read that make oldconfig, depends on my existing config and just let me change new things which were added to the new kernel, right ? Please help me with this issue thank you bye
  2. This Tutorial is free and may be distributed with reference to this website It is for people running Fedora Core 4 wanting to setup a working Samba Server to access the Shares on a Linux machine from a Windows machine Commands are written in green Everything else are things you might edit / write / add Get my Tutorials from http://www.bildunxxluecke.de/usr/fedora 1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prepare your Enviroment: - samba-common-3.0.14a-2.i386.rpm - samba-3.0.14a-2.i386.rpm - samba-client-3.0.14a-2.i386.rpm - samba-swat-3.0.14a-2.i386.rpm (install only if you want have samba-webinterface) 2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now its time to configure SAMBA: rpm -i samba-common-3.0.14a-2.i386.rpm rpm -i samba-3.0.14a-2.i386.rpm rpm -i samba-client-3.0.14a-2.i386.rpm rpm -i samba-swat-3.0.14a-2.i386.rpm 3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everything should be installed now, its time to configure Samba: - cd /etc/samba/ - vi smb.conf You can safely edit this file (in fact you must) necessary is : workgroup = < your windows network workgroup > e.g.: WORKGROUP server string = < Information about your Samba Server > netbios name = < Hostname of Sambaserver > e.g.: SMBSERV01 You dont need to touch the shares so far, if you want to share other directorys keep and eye on the examples in the smb.conf 4. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now everything is done and you can start: [root@test] smbd -D [root@test] nmbd -D Now you should be able to access your Sambaserver from your Windowsmachine via \\< smb machine ip > (5.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For those who want to use swat with samba : - cd /etc/xinetd.d/ - vi swat change disable = yes to => disable = no - cd /etc/ - vi services make sure the following line is in it : swat 901/tcp # Samba Web Administration Tool to test do 'grep 901 /etc/services' , if not in insert it now do : service xinetd restart Swat should be running now ! (6.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To access Swat Webinterface from Lan : - cd /etc/xinetd.d/ - vi swat change 'only_from =' to 'only_from = 'your.netmask.0.0' e.g.: '' the 0 stands for wildcards (e.g. to -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everything is fine .. enjoy now just do http:// SAMBAIP : 901 and login as root
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