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  1. Hello everone, i am now in Linux for about 3 Years and i never build a kernel on my own. Now its time to and I wanted to build one. I read a LOT in these Forums and did not find a good and understandable Tutorial for Building my own kernel (2.6.X) So i downloaded the kernel from kernel.org ( Now i wanted to know how I can simply build a new kernel. I read that make oldconfig, depends on my existing config and just let me change new things which were added to the new kernel, right ? Please help me with this issue thank you bye
  2. This Tutorial is free and may be distributed with reference to this website It is for people running Fedora Core 4 wanting to setup a working Samba Server to access the Shares on a Linux machine from a Windows machine Commands are written in green Everything else are things you might edit / write / add Get my Tutorials from http://www.bildunxxluecke.de/usr/fedora 1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prepare your Enviroment: - samba-common-3.0.14a-2.i386.rpm - samba-3.0.14a-2.i386.rpm - samba-client-3.0.14a-2.i386.r
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