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  1. Gentoo installation was just as hectic as Arch Linux.. but i got them both to work.. currently installing Fedora 6 to see which one i like better its a showdown Gentoo vs Arch vs Fedora who will win? Arch linux is in the lead if only they utitilzed a GUI installer or LiveCD installer like Gentoo... sigh...
  2. cant wait to load this up on my system :-D
  3. Cant you use bootpart to add Suse to your Boot.ini?
  4. without going into detail why... grub will always install part of itself in the master boot sector (MBR), however beyond that the other parts of grub can be on any partition... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i have 4 hardrives 2 SATA and 2 IDE hardrives ok.. i install Fedora on a 80GB HD parition into 40:40GB partiions i put my backup files on my first partition of the 80GB, anyways it installed as hdc2/3 i got my .bin file put it on my C:\ drive and editted my boot.ini as C:\fc4boot.bin="fedora Core 4" the NTDLR bootloader came up asking me whhich OS i would like to select i choose fedora core and i get the GRUB and blinking cursor my question is how would i address the command you listed above? like i have HDC,SDA,SDB,HDA =/
  5. both windowsxp and fedora have the ability to start there installations from a boot disk (winxp has 4 disks if i remember correctly, and fc has one?) these will allow you to boot the cd from floppy, thus getting around the problem this is the correct path, after format add in Partition the 2nd harddrive is considered your primary? ok this could be possible that the harddisk hasnt been installed correctly, check the cables and jumpers on the disk and ensure all is well. the connection of the primary drive must go into IDE channel 1 with the jumper set to Master, equally any secondary drive must be 'slave' if on the same channel or master if on the second IDE channel. if none of that makes sense kick me maybe ill give it a better explanation thats it.. torture required! never shall ye post again <{POST_SNAPBACK}> hehee i now have a different problem i gave up on my dads old amd rig cause he trade it in for a tax right off or something? anyways my rig: Mobo: ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe Rev 2.0 (1022) :shades: CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.2CGHZ 800FSB Memory: 1GB GamerPro DDR400 CL 2-2-2 Storage: 2x SATA 200GB Seagate Hardrive Storage: 1 x EIDE 160GB Seagate Hardrive Storage: 1 x EIDE 80GB Western Digital Hardrive Videocard:Powercolor Radeon 9800SE @Pro Power: Thermaltake 420Watt Powersupply (soon to be 500watts) OS:Windows XP Professional w/SP2 Soon to be Dual Boot with Fedora Core 4 well i want ot dual boot xp and fedora core but i had a tad to many hardrives i got fedora core isntalled to my 80GB hardrive but its paritioned into 40:40GB so i have my Anime on my NTFS parittion 40GB and i have fC4 on my 2nd parition ok, i installed it to my 2nd partition and all went well but when i booted into linux using fc4 1st disc to rescue then i typed grub-install /dev/hdc2 then i typed dd if=/dev/hdc2 of=fc4boot.bin bs=512 count=1 ok. so i ftp the bin file to my ftp server downloaded it by xp and placed it in my C:\ i edited my C:\boot.ini and added this to the end c:\fc4boot.bin="Fedora Core 4" ok i got really excited when i rebooted and saw itr there i went yay!! i selected Fedora Core 4. and i got a GRUB and a blinking cursor so im going huh!? what did i do wrong.. im so close but So damn far also if iwas to install Boot/grub to the mbr of my sATA hardrive with xp and rebooted i should get the grub bootloader but if something goes wrong how would i restore my previous MBR? Thanks again for reference: my posts are also here. http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.p...3367#post323367
  6. i have a question about GRUB, does it matter where i install GRUB?
  7. Substance

    Cant Install :(

    Cant seem to install on an AMD K6-700MHZ system, i cant even get XP pro to reinstall i hvae i think the award bios, and i set it to boot my xp/fedora core cd's and it always says theres a problem invalid system disk, boot from atapi cd-rom: failure so im at a stuc here my original plan was.. Format, Install XP Professionall on my 60GB hardrive. Set everything up, patches,drivers, etc then i would install Fedora Core 4 on my 2nd hardrive that for some reaosn is considered my primary even when its not, install fedora core 4 on my 20gb hardrive im really interested in Linux and want to broden my knowledge =/ i try alot of os's mandrake was my first linux i tried linspere, suse, and Gentoo but Fedora Core looks Promising and cool HELP!!! Damn Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.
  8. is there an article on how to dual boat with XP? ill be formatted my AMD rig downstairs cause of a nasty little IRC bug and ive tried Linux before but i believe im ready (tried it when i was 13, and it was mandrake im 16 now and would love to give linux another try. this time fedora core 4 o_o! also i heard windows vista is going to be open source?
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