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  1. Other: I build my PC's,....But I buy dells for my shop all the time, haven't had amy probs except fpr a lightning strike last week that took out my dell server
  2. umm thay sound like good frends to me, isn't that what you are suposed to do? gus
  3. I think it's a wonderful idea. Ubuntu is a great OS and im sure google will be even greater. I heard that thay were bulding something to comeout aroud 2010 but i didn't know thay were talking about a debian drivitive. cant contain myself, gus
  4. if i can find the time between class and work ill write a little something about ubuntu from a noob perspective (sence i am a nOoB) gus
  5. its hard to beat a fox that is on fire. gus
  6. gus

    hd speed?

    cool tks, im bulding a new server and just wanted to see the speed in acton. gus
  7. gus

    borwse files?

    sweet thanks bro gus
  8. ive sead it once and ill say it agan UBUNTU(debian) is the best 4 us noobs. gus
  9. gus

    hd speed?

    anyweb, if you don't mind me asking what is the read/write speed for the HD on this server. it seems a good speed. gus
  10. gus

    borwse files?

    anyone know where to find the files that iv'e installed with wine under gnome? ive looked everywere and even searched . oh, what to do??? gus
  11. gus


    if ur in the states i can mail you a copy of ubuntu if you like i have a few. ubuntu is deffinitly the easyest for us noob to become aquanted with. good times, gus
  12. gus

    SUPER noob

    welcome :-) gus
  13. gus

    fast for florida

    o woops i lost the pic sorry for bad post gus p.s. i was 4.1 everywere else in town you can pull 3 to 3.5 at the most (small town)
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