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  1. How do I install an RPM? Ok, I am working on building a MythTV box using MythDora. I have installed and played around with Linux in the past, starting with Redhat 5.1 way back when. But I never really got in-depth into it. More of just installing the OS, playing around with some of the included programs, then wiping it and putting XP back on. Well, now I am going to go all out and build a linux box that I want to keep and learn how to use. So, I download the MythDora iso, burn it, install it. Small problems, but it has more to do with my hardware than Linux, so I'll move on.
  2. Ok, back in 2000, 2001, I was starting to use Linux at home for a few things, and I really wanted to get further into it. Learning admining, server set-ups, etc... So I bought a few books about it. Well, things happen, and I got away from it, but now I am ready to get back to it. My question is: Should I use the old books I still have, or go buy new ones? The ones I got reference RedHat 6.1 as the new version, so that should give you a time-frame. How much has changed since back then? I know the GUI has gotten more developed, but what else? I guess I should also say that I am awa
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    Ok, I'll try that. I got the MS stuff under control. MCSE from NT4.0 Got my MCSA on 2003, working on MCSE 2003. Just want to throw some linux into the mix and maybe a little Cisco. As you may imagine, learning a whole new operating system is a little overwhelming. Thanks!
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    What to do?

    Ok, here is a very noob question: I want to start working with linux more and learn more about admining it. What exactly should I look into? It's weird because I have been playing with linux since Redhat 5 back in '97, but all I have really done with it is install it, maybe get a few programs to run on it, and I even compiled a new kernel once many years ago. But what should I focus on if I want to admin a linux server? Sorry if this seems a little vague, I really don't know what to ask. Thanks for any advice.
  5. That worked great. Thanks alot.
  6. Got a fedora box up and working on my network as a normal desktop, not a server. What do I need to do to be able to browse to my other windows 2000 PCs and see their files? Is this a samba thing? Just want to make sure. Thanks!
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