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Found 3 results

  1. I use Samba on a CentOS 6 server to share files between Windows, Linux and Mac clients. Guest access is allowed to all folders, but is read only, and there are several Samba accounts for writing files to the shares. The purpose of this tutorial is to document, roughly, what my configuration was to set up Samba for sharing a couple of folders on the local network in this way. Install Samba # yum install samba # service smb start # service nmb start # chkconfig nmb on # chkconfig smb on Create the sharing directories (In my actual setup, I have used /etc/fstab to mount th
  2. Hi there. I am new to linux and i am trying to learn. I have a web server where I host few of my websites. Recently one of my plugins stopped working nd it was traced to curl problems. This is all I know, the programmer who wrote a script told me I need to rebuild curl, I am noob to linux and I don't want to outsource this task. I have done yum update so my centos is up to 5.7 stable so everything is up to the latest version however cURL wouldn't update past 7.15 version. I would like to update it to the latest 7.22 stable version. I searched google half a day today and couldn't find an
  3. Hi there, In case you can’t tell I’m new to Linux. I am trying to setup my own web server with Kloxo (A cpanel alternative). I installed Cent OS 5.7-i386 server, and ran the GUI (startx) and all went well. But when I ran the updates and restarted the PC and go to Start the GUI I just get a blank screen. I have done some reading on all the forums out there, but far I have had no luck. Can still use the Command Prompt (if you call it that in the Linux’s World?) But would like to use the GUI. (Bit like using DOS instead of windows And I’m over those days lol). The hardware I am us
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