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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings! This is my first post Soo, where to begin? I'm relatively new to Linux, I have toyed with it a few times in the past. But this time around I'm determined to make the effort to become a life long user. Sadly I'm one of those people thats completely stuck in the Windows mindset so as you can imagine, right now I'm finding one or two things a little tricky, but I'm getting there slowly. Im sure over the coming days/weeks/month/years I'll have lots more questions for you all, but right now just a quick simple one. I'm using Ubuntu 13.04 (not sure if this makes a difference, although I'm sure you'll tell me if it does or not) I got the terminal open and muddling my way through the commands to navigate through directories (folders in windows speak lol) now much like the windows dos prompt and dos of long ago, I worked out you can change directories using "cd (insert name of directory)" but what I would like to know is how to I change back to the directory I was in previously. To illustrate what I mean, in a dos prompt I would type cd files-here and it will go to that directory then if I want to go to a sub directory I would while in the files-here directory type "cd more-files-here" but then if I want to return to the files-here directory I would simply type "cd.." to go back. I quickly realised this is not the case in a linux terminal. Could anyone tell me how I would navigate to that previous folder. Also if there are any good terminal tutorials I could be linked to to read up on what I'm doing I would be most greatful Thanks in advance.
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