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LILO.conf bleep up

Okay I was playing and I screwed up bad, I try'd to dual boot BT3 and XP Pro on my Toshiba Notebook and now I have this error (Invalid Partition Table). I try'd to Redo the LILO.conf but get a read-only system returned. Please help I have been working on this for 3 1/2 days I'm stumped. Thanks for any help.


I was installing Backtrack 3 beta, I followed remote-exploit's walk through but it was for BT2I resized the HDD partition to allow 16Gb for BT3. To resize the partition I used Partition magic 8. I used this walk through I followed these instructions to a T except I had windows installed already so I changed hda1 to hda2, hda2 to hda3 and so on. And last I used the backtrack installer and left all option at default except mount point from hda1 to hda2. I followed these directions and then the system bricked on me, the only thing I found that I could done wrong is on the Install i did not uncheck the option that said "Restore original MBR after LILO"


If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.





Unfortunately the message saying "Invalid Partition Table" suggests that when you were resizing the HDD with Partition Magic that it failed. What you need to do is get a CD based distribution (e.g. Knoppix), boot it up and check out the state of the HDD partitions (for instance the command: fdisk -l would provide that information).


You might find that no partitions exist, which means that your WinXP install will be gone too. That means that you will need to repartition, format and install WinXP then Backtrack again :(


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