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I need some help , i had to rebood in rescue mode.


My hosting company told me that all the port were closed but i don t see on ssh how to reopen them and which one to reopen.


Can somebody help me on this.


I didn't touch to anything on the last 2 weeks and suddenly my server is not accessible.


So the first thing we need to identify is where the SSH port is being made unavailable -- is it in SSH itself, or a firewall?


What port are you expecting SSH to be running on? The default, port 22?


In rescue mode, you can examine the SSH config file by typing this at the prompt, and pressing Enter:



less /etc/ssh/sshd_config


You can use Space to scroll down a screen, and press 'q' to quit looking at the file and go back to the prompt. We're looking for the 'Port' line to verify what port SSH thinks it's running on.


We should check to see if SSH is enabled. Running:



update-rc.d ssh enable


Were any firewall changes made by you, or the hosting provider?


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