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New to the forum, kubuntu 6.06, dell latitude d610, cisco aironet 350

hey everyone, not really too much of a noob, ive been using linux for a few years but very casually. i understand the theories and ideas behind it, but just have a real problem with the actual nitty gritty, the command line


i hate when i cant find something or cant get something to work, thats been the main reason for me not using linux 100% my biggest problems being wireless cards, ive tried redhat, mandriva, ubuntu, opensuse, knoppix, warlinux and knoppix std. im on kubuntu now because i like the kde interface way better. i even got almost all the way through a gentoo install.


i have an intel mac mini, which i run parallels and that has mandriva, opensuse and gentoo(stuck) on it


my main linux box will be a dell latitude d610 which is running kubuntu, thats the one im on this forum for


i have feisty fawn, i have 2 wireless cards that i flip back and forth on depending if i get lucky enough to connect, a linksys and a cisco aironet 350


sometimes i boot up knoppix because its the only distro where my wireless card was really plug and play. but not without taking the encryption off of my router. before someone gives me a security lecture dont worry about it, theres no one around me my router is safe


basically the first thing i want to do is get my wireless cards to work. a lot of people say that they set theirs up with minimal set up


so my question is after you put the card in the pcmcia slot then you.......?


i had to do the following to get wireless working in ubuntu 7.04




might help you to read it.





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