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now then
hi all just here looking for some help, cheers :)

Quote:hi all just here looking for some help, cheers :)

Hi there and welcome to the forums!

help is what we are all about! welcome

Hello all. I normaly do not ask for help as soon as I join a forum...but I DO need help.

I recently joined the world of linux (Fedora Core 6) and i am UBER confused.

I cannot watch vids online and i need a good bit torrent download manager, i want to learn about beryl, i do not know how to install ANYTHING!

And the terminal is confusing.

My friend on Xfire from my clan told me about linux. I never knew it even existed lol( i AM a noob).

But my system crashed and i lost my OS vista...thank god i had my linux disk.

All i really need is to install Ventrilo for linux and i can contact my clan.


Oh and if you play Battle Field 2142 and want to join a clan use ventrilo and go to

port: 4317

to join us...oh and we are called =GDI=

thanks for reading a noobs mayday...please help.


it's best that you post this as a separate thread, this is the hello section, we have many sections devoted to getting help


infact the fedora core release 6 section has howtos for installing sound/video and more





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